Doctor Who”

Why can Evergreen? Perhaps because it is too enough, “England.” Throughout the eleven Doctor, old and young, Yan thin ring of fat, but there is a common feature, that is “strange.” They are like fancy dress (as described in Section 11 Doctor likes to wear tweed jacket wearing tie), character mad weird. Britons too love “weird” this trait, because the British people are too smart to love, and in their logic, the clever and quirky is simply a twin brother, hand in hand. Doctor Who is to represent this type of character.

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Doctor Who in the Third quarter

Doctor Who in the third quarter, drama name, starring David, Tennant, 2007 release in Europe, the play is a content-rich, highly chase worth watching sci-fi adventure story. The story is a witty masters of the Doctor heroic adventurer can pass through time and space. He and his intimate TWINS Rose excitement of space exploration during the occasion, actually met the monster Dalek intention to destroy the earth in outer space. With the Doctor’s wit and ability, whether he can stop the Dalek invasion of Earth, to avoid this catastrophe occurred.


Doctor Who Dalek designer Cusick dies

2013 was the most successful science fiction television drama “Doctor,” the fiftieth anniversary of its launch. Fifty years the actor has repeatedly change, the same is the blue phone booth and throughout villain Dalek (Daleks). February 21, Dalek designer Raymond Qusay grams (Raymond Cusick) died at the age of 84 years, he designed the dome, with three projections – eye stalk, sucker-like arms and a the cold-blooded aliens puts the gun handle with Doctor’s fugue always exist.


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